Takhfif is a product aims to establish the relationship between customers and vendors (Businesses). Mainly to ensure that product consumers may not miss the discount offers provided by vendors from various business domains.

We intend to develop and implement Takhfif step by step. We primarily target school and university students. We believe that students are the most hard-working category in our society, even though, a luxurious life is missing while they study. Therefore, Takhfif specifically brings the possibility for students to “pay less and feel luxury”.

Furthermore, Takhfif shall be available to people walking in from different domains of life. Such as teachers, corporate employees, government employees so on and so forth.

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Afghanistan, a country with abundance of natural resources with unique nexus point where numerous civilizations have interacted. It has been home of diverse peoples and kingdom of various empires through the ages. A country with rich culture, divers ethnic group, untouched nature and undiscovered beauties.

Our aim at Eso-Oso will be documenting these beauties through photography and Videography. We try to focus more on showcasing and documenting craft industries, Gem Stone and Fruits, historical heritages and People. We are a YouTube based documentary channel to showcase all beauties of Afghanistan.